Sexual wellbeing – we all want that, right?

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Hi Beauties,

It’s been a little while since I’ve put pen to paper, at least as Body Conscious. But with the recent shift in daylight, it seemed like a good time to reach out and connect with each of you.

Travelling can often shift old ideas or thought patterns as we view the world, quite literally from a different angle. I’m fortunate enough that while I’m away from home I can continue to work (Thank you O magical Wifi) and connect with my students, one of whom I want to tell you a little bit about.

This particular client is in their late 20’s, deeply, deeply unhappy with their body and external physical appearance. The email described how agonisingly embarrassed they became when in the same room as a person they found attractive and that they were yet to have a fulfilling or pleasurable sexual experience. They had to idea how it would ever happen.

Could I help?

I explained that this is exactly what I help with. Programmes I designed to help students learn about their erotic anatomy. To begin to explore what they enjoy, to know what pleasure feels like and how to explore this alone and/or with another.

With practice, my students become more and more comfortable in their own amazing and wonderfully surprising bodies. Somatic bodywork unlocks potential.

“Shyness is nice but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to…”

The Smiths

The fears continued, “what if I feel awkward? Embarrassed? Or if it works in session but I never get a partner..? What if…what if…what if…What if you never tried was my response.

This thought was enough and after many, many months of emails, Skype chats and questions the student booked their first somatic session with me! Phew.

I feel that as digital technology becomes more and more important in our lives that we need to connect with our physical body all the more.

I felt deep sadness recently upon reading the statistics for mental health problems in young women.

What messages and pressures are people facing today of ‘perfection’?.

Several bodywork sessions in and the student has made real progress in confidence, something we could never do with talk therapy or online learning.

What if they never took the step towards sexual fulfillment?

So now I have changed my approach, I ask students what are your barriers to achieving full sexual wellness? What are your vulnerabilities and fears? Supporting my clients to address these limitations one by one is what motivates me and seeing them blossom ignites a fire in my work.

Much love, Dee x

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