Hard Times – The Erection Chronicles Ever worry about your penis performance? The penis is often seen as separate from the rest of the body, sometimes with it’s own life. But of course your penis is very much a part of  your body and it falls under the control of your nervous system responding to both voluntary and […]

Becoming More Embodied

5 Ways to Become More Embodied One of the key principles of somatic learning is connecting with your body, truly becoming embodied; enabling us to feel more and be increasingly authentic in our desire. Life can become overwhelming and your priorities shift from you to everything going on around you. What should be truly embodied and embraced […]

Talk about it

Let’s Talk “What we say holds the key to a doorway of pleasure”  I often work with couples and individuals, some who like to talk and some who do not.  They share details about sex that they have never shared with anyone else before, not even a long-term lover. “Have you tried sharing this with […]

 My Sex Education Lately, I have been wondering where we learn about sex? Is it through sex education at school? What messages are we sent about sexuality and pleasure as we grow up & how does this impact our body image, emotional wellbeing, and overall sexual happiness? I grew up in 1980’s in Ireland and back then things were a […]

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