Good Sex in 1,2,3

So much of our ability to enjoy pleasure through or bodies depends on how we feel about ourselves and our bodies, one thing is for certain; great sex can make us feel fantastic! When we feel good in sex this radiates into all aspects of out lives, enhancing our confidence and lifting our mood. So yes to that!


Bliss is the bit in between absolute relaxation, in mind and body and pleasure. When our mind is switched off from external stimuli we can focus on the sensation. Pleasure all five senses…touch, smell, sound,taste, sound…unwind together.

2. Communicate

I often have enquiries from people wanting to learn techniques for pleasuring their partner; how to give a sensual massage, seeing another in pleasure is an important part of our lovemaking, but the real beauty of sex is there is no one size fits all. So I can explain to you the anatomy of arousal, stages and suggest a range of touch techniques but they key to pleasuring both your self and a lover is knowing what their body likes. The key to this is communicate, ask them what they want more of and….you will so know when your getting it right.

3. Vary the pathways

Excitement and endorphins are really generated when something new happens during lovemaking; often when asked what the best or most memorable encounter a person has had they give a response where the they move beyond the routine. Try something new.

Experiment, unwind and talk it over together. Enjoy <3

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Dee Larsen

Somatic Sexology

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