Hard Times – The Erection Chronicles

Ever worry about your penis performance?

The penis is often seen as separate from the rest of the body, sometimes with it’s own life. But of course your penis is very much a part of  your body and it falls under the control of your nervous system responding to both voluntary and involuntary control.

The erection is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This dilates the blood vessels of the three bodies of erectile tissue which extend almost the entire length of the penis.

Contrary to popular belief it is actually your parasympathetic nervous system (that is the part of your autonomic nervous system linked to relaxation) that causes dilation and increased blood flow. So if you are anxious your blood flow is restricted.

How can somatic sexology sessions help with erection difficulties?

A sexological bodyworker will coach you session by session to retrain your bodys responses. Introducing the concept of arousal with relaxation. Using breathing techniques you can reduce the heart rate and calm the mind so blood can flow where it wants to more easily.

With practice you can relearn bodily responses and introduce a positive feedback loop which in turn reduces performance anxiety.

The dorsal veins which lie on top of the corpus cavernosa are the major players in carrying blood in arousal. However, there are also veins on the side of the penis which serve this function. In many cases pressure on the left hand side of the base of the penis will produce an erection. Pressing this side can also help increase firmness of your penis during sex.

Remember sex is the most natural thing in the world so lie back and let nature do the work!

Dee Larsen CSB

You can contact your local sexological bodyworker here http://www.the-asis.org

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